Casinò Cha Cha Cha

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Casinò Cha Cha Cha

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AWP Comma 6/a

Genere :

Video Slotmachine

Tiplogia :

5 reels x 3 symbols, up to 10 pay lines (bet 200 enable also right to left wins)

Simboli gioco :

10 Symbols + 2 different Scatter Symbol + 1 Special Symbol + 1 Multiplier Symbol

Features :

1 spin Main Game, “BLACK JACK” bonus game, “CHA CHA CHA” Free Game, “BOMB” feature, multiplier bonus “X2”

Costo partita : 

1,00 €

Bet :

25 / 50 / 100 / 200 points

Payout :

at least 70%

Durata ciclo :

30.000 games

Hardware :



Features :

“CHA CHA CHA” symbol increase the “CHA CHA CHA” bar progess. When the progress bar is completed “CHA CHA CHA” Free game is activated. “FICHE” symbol give the access to the “BLACK JACK” Bonus game. “BOMB” symbol activate the “BOMB” Feature, which increase the winning probabilities. “X2” Multyplier Symbol multiply the points obtained by the winning line wins. Each spin can extract until three “X2” Multiplier symbols. Winning combinations are obtained by same adjacent  symbols aligned on a pay line from left to right starting on first left reel, bet 200 enable right to left winning possibility.
Bet 25 enable 5 pay lines, bet 50 / 100 / 200 will enable 10 pay lines.

Demonstration images of game *

CasinoChaChaCha_Bonus01 CasinoChaChaCha_FreeGame01 CasinoChaChaCha_MainGame01 CasinoChaChaCha_Bonus02 CasinoChaChaCha_Bonus03 CasinoChaChaCha_MainGame02

* the images shown are examples, can therefore differ to the real images of the commercialized game.